I am the calcamus

Calculus is not like riding a bike, turns out. Who-duh-thunk?

But I can always make myself feel better by watching Johnny Math miscalculate these barriers (it's at the end).

Today's how to:

How to convince yourself to ride when it is 34 and raining! A crucial winter riding skill here in morgantown.

Actually, I have no idea how to do that. I recommend that you pray that it gets colder and turns into snow so you can actually go do something. Drink some tea. Do some yoga. Play video games.

That is winter training.


Jacob Brown said...


Fat-Boy said...

lol! I was looking for some motavation cause it damn cold up here in Davis... Oh well! lol!

Rumblestillskins said...

winter training with the UMass bike racing club = mario cart and trainers. f-yeah. talk about getting your heart rate up.

sps. (seat post script). i mos def replied to your comment but i don't know if you get the memo if i do it via my blog.

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