#RhymesDelivered - Poem of the Day 18/Sept/2012

From a recent twitter conversation:

But the 140 character limit is stifling. We can #DoBetter:

Thanks for your questions; I appreciate your interest.
But in the grade column I simply can't enter next
To your name for this homework a grade that is passing.
It simply won't do. This homework is lacking.

It's not even complete--your effort surely minimal.
Some questions unanswered. Others totally inadmissible.
Would you like me to believe that you've tried in earnest?
That this is the acme of your collegiate Everest?

Now, I know you're not trying to make this a battle;
You think you've done plenty. You have certainly had all
Your expectations rebooted for an A or B letter.
But the bar is much higher. You can Do Better.

This takes work, you know. You aren't just entitled
To float through this class, to continue this recital
Of cut and paste answers, of questionable contributions.
You're missing the point--not solutions manual, but manual solutions.

I'm not being unreasonable, and just so we're clear:
Just one bad result won't end your academic career.
But, as for your grade you can't plead, beg, or barter.
I'm sorry, but the truth of the matter is...


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