Sunday Ride


4 1/2 hours with team bi-atch. 

Left the house at quarter after twelve, sped down the hill and marvelled at the supersuit.  I've had it for two years and it still astounds me that I can go out in 25 degree cloudy windy weather and be completely warm in just tights, base layer, jersey, gloves & hat.

Picked up James and Jake and headed up to the shogren's lair.  Met up there with Gunnar, Betsy, and Chris and rode to bakers to meet the rest of the Sunday ride.  15 set off and hilarity and muddiness ensued.  After everyone else left, we did a couple more laps, fixed chains and flats, had a beer, and dove over the hill behind the new University High School on mysterious logging roads until good ol' Legs of Fire spat us out on the rail trail.

Bonked at the base of the final climb up to the house.  Had to stop and eat a granola bar.  made it. Great ride.  Check out fatboybikes or team-bi-atch blogs for photos and/or more involved ride reports.

Goal for this week:  Ride again before Sunday!

Rubber side down, mostly



James Braswell said...

We need to start doing 4.5hrs on the road too!

Rolo said...

eff that