Wet Ride

Ah, the joys of summer weather patterns.

It seems that these days, without fail, the skies conspire against the casual cyclist like a middle school bully slamming another student against a locker and throwing their homework in the trash (this may or may not have happenned to me) just when they thought it was safe to roam the halls.

In this same spirit, the summer thunder showers happen to break the skies open just the instant that we Lycra-clad warriors leave our day jobs to do our own homework on the bike. Just as soon as we hastily clock out so we can make the most of these long summer days, we see on our windows a sudden splash. We hear the unmistakable rythm of rain starting to fall, lulling us into complacency. And surrounded by the promise of a beautiful tomorrow, at least a beautiful 10 am to 6 pm tomorrow, our motivation drops ever so slightly. And with each subsequent rain drop it falls even more until before we realize it we are laying down on the couch with a beer thinking, "this isn't so bad."

Well brothers and sisters, the next time you hear yourself thinking those words, think not of the chance to ride again tomorrow. Think not of the empty promises we make to ourselves day in and day out.

Think instead of the days in February and March when you would love to be riding in the warm rain. Think of the days when you will get off work and the sun will have long since set. Think of the beautiful days when your off the bike responsibilities keep you from the open road. These days are limited, and we are not at the mercy of the weather, but of our own resolve.

Where we ride, we constantly test ourselves against the elements, against the road conditions, unclimbable hills and dangerous descents. We ride in extreme temperatures and humidity so high we might as well be riding in the rain.

So go ahead and ride in the rain. Take your blinky and arm warmers if you are afraid of the unknown, but go there boldly regardless of fear. Our days are numbered and each day we waste is a regret we will carry on our shoulders forever.

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