Engineering crossword

So last week I was bored in class after completing both the crossword and sudoku puzzles in the Daily Athenaeum (WVU's school newspaper). This was a Thursday. This is important because I have three one hour and fifteen minute classes that take place each Tuesday and Thursday. I'd completed the puzzles in the first class of the day, which left me with little to do other than pay attention (god forbid, right?) in the latter two. If you've met me then you know that there is very little chance of that happening for a seventy-five seconds, much less seventy-five minutes.

So I made my own engineering themed crossword. Enjoy. I'll post the answers later this week.


1 Dear ______ or Sir
6 Passport and License
9 Richard of Pretty Woman
13 Like former Black Sabbath front man Ronnie?
14 A vote against
15 Jai ____
16 Engineering Class with Van der Waals
19 School address ending
20 Obnoxious persons
22 Audacity
27 Elevated or standing
28 Like some gases
29 Scottish cap
31 Chevy van
32 Alda or Greenspan
33 Revise before submitting for review
35 What you want to up in World of Warcraft (abbr)
36 Grand Canyon tribe
37 Business address ending
38 Epoch
41 High order angels
43 Aerosmith song Love ___ Elevator
44 Gray
47 Mauna ___
48 Type of Reggae music
49 Bees’ defenses
51 Area under the curve
53 Two things to wear to an interview
55 User: Add___
56 Engineering Class with Bernoulli
61 Recline
62 Winglike part
63 Italian MotoGP great
64 Morays e.g.
65 Zero
66 Garb


1 With 40-down, what an engineer uses to evaluate substances
2 Fire leftover
3 34th Pres.
4 Broadcast
5 Force times distance from an axis
6 Type of engineer
7 7th of a week
8 Update your iPod
9 Self-improvement area for HALO?
10 Pompous one
11 Prejudiced one
12 Former Disney VIP
17 Lyric Poem
18 Heavenly Altar
21 Cold treat: ___ - cone
23 Nevada school
24 Hand out cards
25 Sea eagle
26 Tech. org. for car enthusiasts
30 Type of engineer
33 Expected score
34 Hairstyles
36 Pittsburgh pro team
38 Who will solve this puzzle? (abbr.)
39 Type of Indian music
40 See 1-down
41 Sexy
42 Luau treat
43 Niagra airport code
44 Ship’s cargo: Ball___
45 Muffle
46 Make haste to shelter?
48 Slow down
50 Sex Pistol’s Vicious
52 Scra___ an I___
54 Czech town
57 One Manning brother
58 Neither this ___ that
59 Suffix with real or prom
60 HTML formatting language

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